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A Visit From My Momma

October 28, 2016

It’s been a loong time since my mom has come to visit. She basically only comes once a year and last year it was because of our wedding, so it was a whirlwind of a trip, and I barely got to spend any real time with anyone. I’m trying to teach her that it doesn’t have to be once a year and a week long trip every time, it can be quick. I get it, I get it, for someone who isn’t used to traveling too much 6 hours from NY to LA can seem daunting, but ya gotta just get used to it. LA is wayy better than NY, let’s be clear.

In any event, every time she comes I try to bring her to new places and try new things. We spent most our time in LA and also made a little one night trip to Santa Barbara for some wine and delicious food.

First things first, I put her to work when the lamp I purchased arrived that day.

Then, i’m obsessed with Republique’s Shakshuka, it’s delicious and I wanted my mom to experience it’s amazingness.


Off to Santa Barbara! It’s embarrassing to admit, but I now only been actually driving for about 3 years. I moved to LA from NY and never had to do it, so i’m still scared of the freeway — and make my mom drive on our little road trips.

We stayed at The Goodland  — I am huge fan of Kimpton Hotels they are all unique, comfortable and affordable, and my fave part is that they always have free coffee available in the mornings. Majorly Important! The Goodland is super cute and hip with super chill vibes and amazing decor. 

Once we got in we quickly dropped off our stuff at the hotel and made our way into town for a little discovering. We stopped into Blue Door which was about 3 floors of wonderfully curated vintage goods. I picked Paul up a few matches for his collection and a cute little porcelain Japanese dog for myself.

Then, more importantly we stopped for some wine at Municipal Winery. I’ve been here before and it’s super chill and they have great wine! 

I’m also still trying to teach my mom the art of the #Selfie we’re getting there, but still needs some work. 

One very important aspect of this trip was that she finally got to test out In N Out! It’s a necessity on a Cali road trip, so we stopped on the way home. I also learned a tip — hit up an In N Out at 3pm — NO ONE is there! 

To the end the LA trip we drove her out to Malibu for a hike at Point Dume. This was my first time being here and it was absolutely beautiful and amazing! I always love how Malibu makes me feel like i’m in another country, it’s my favorite. 

All in all it was a great trip with the momma — now I just need to convince her to come out here more. DO YOU HEAR ME MOM?!?


October 24, 2016

The bedroom! For some reason this has been the longest room in the making for us…still is. Maybe it’s because we just want to make sure the apartment looks like it’s in tip top shape when we have friends over, so we are a little more willing to put up with the hodge podge bedroom?

On the other hand, the bedroom should be our coziest and relaxing space, so that takes time, and lots of nurturing. I’m all about keeping it simple these days with lots of blush, gold, and white with relaxed vibes, but also finding ways to stay functional, since I have a messy one on my hands.

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Wanderlust Wednesday – Hotels I’m Lusting Over

October 19, 2016

Travel is pretty much always on mind and i’d love to way more of it! I always have a thing for beautiful hotels. Below are a few that i’m dying to go to SOONer than later. 🙂

Encuentro Guadalupe // Baja, Mexico

Paul and I have been wanting to go to Baja for some time now. We almost planned to go over our holiday break and then almost made a quick stint to Mexico for the weekend, until we found it’s way harder to drive into Mexico than we thought. BUT! Once we do get there — I am staying here. How magical does it sound to stay in one of these little rooms nestled in a mountain, drink some wine and watch the stars. Amazing, right?

Amanagiri // Canyon Point, Utah

Seriously? So breathtaking. These images don’t even look real. I’ll have to save up all my shiny pennies to make it here, but fingers crossed we make it happen some day. Utah is another place that’s on my list and now that we live on the West Coast it’s so much easier to plan a fun road trip.

The Dylan // Amsterdam

I’ve seriously been dying to go to Amsterdam in the Spring ever since I saw photos of the tulip fields. Luckily, I think i’ve finally sold Paul on a Europe trip — it’s been too long! So I may have to try and convince him to let me stay here too.

The Parker // Palm Springs, California

I’ve been to Palm Spring a million times at this point, we even got married there. But I still have yet to stay at the Parker. I am a total sucker for anything Mid Century, and when you walk into this hotel, you instantly feel like you are in a 1960’s dream world.

What are your favorite hotels or place to stay?

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October 16, 2016

We live in an older 1920’s apartment in Los Angeles — this was my dream when we were looking for places, I wanted something on the vintage side, something that had character. We found it, but with that, comes older not so nice details too. Bathrooms in LA are always a little tricky and i’ve been trying to find that perfect balance of highlighting those vintage aspects, but keeping it light and modern too. These photos below are keeping me inspired … and dreaming of that perfect bathroom one day too.

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Spooky Sips

October 13, 2016

I’ve never been a die hard Halloween fan, but if there is an excuse to have party, i’m game. So we’re having another Halloween party this year.

It’s funny because neither Paul or I actually dress up, and basically find a last minute costume in our closets that day. I like to spend my time searching for festive snacks and drinks. I’m also all about hitting up the 99 cent store for decorations.

My cocktail research has me considering these spooky and delicious cocktails.

A Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita from The Wicked Spatula

Spiked Shirley Temples from Almost Makes Perfect

Dark & Stormy from Sugar & Cloth

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October 10, 2016

We’ve been living in our apartment now for about a year and half and let me tell you, it’s hard to decorate! There is so much I want to do, but sometimes it’s too hard to pull the trigger. We’re finally starting to get art up on the walls, but there is still blank space to be filled.

I’m loving these walls right now.







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A Quick Stint in Portland Part I

October 7, 2016

Ok, so, Portland is one of my new favorite places. I think I might say that whenever I go somewhere new, but seriously, Portland is so cute and filled with delicious food, pretty bars, and amazing shops.

Paul needed to head out for work, so we decided to make a weekend out of it. We decided to stay at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco. I’m a big of of Kimpton hotels because each has their own little personality and they never disappoint. Also, my favorite things is that they have free coffee in the lobby — I NEED coffee first thing. It’s not pretty if I have to get dressed and head out the door without one.

I had lots of time during the trip to walk around on my own while Paul was at work and get acquainted with the city. The first place I stopped was the Ace Hotel for some Stumptown Coffee and used their lobby as my office quite a few times.


Of course, the most important “to-do” when i’m traveling (besides eating) — gotta find those cute shops, which was definitely not a difficult task.

Tender Loving Empire had lots of cute stationery, jewelry, beauty and home products. I later realized they had a few different locations throughout the city and each were wonderful. I also picked up a little Fafa look a like!


I instantly became obsessed with Woonwinkel — which literally have just about everything my dreams are made of. It’s one of those stores where you walk in and instantly want to cry, because they just get it, like really get it.



I got lost in Hippo Hardware for quite some time. It was filled with tons of vintage and antique hardware for the home, I was especially obsessed with the lighting floor and could have literally played in it for hours.



Another dreamy spot was North of West which was filled with gorgeous jewelry, home items, and clothing. The merchandising and display was on point.



Then, let’s face it — I love a cute shop, but I also love a a good cocktail and bite.

Pepe Le Moko is definitely a bit unassuming and if you’re not paying attention it even looks like a little shop to get your palm read. Don’t let it fool you, walk downstairs, and your instantly excited. I’m definitely not one to order a Long Island iced tea because they’re usually pretty gross, but this one was SO good.


Ava Gene’s had the most spectacular pasta i’ve EVER had, like EVER. Everything was so fresh and so perfect.


We stayed at Angel Face for about 3 hours because it was so perfect. They don’t have a cocktail menu, just tell the bartenders what you like and what you’re in the mood for, and they’ll create a masterpiece for you. Even though it’s very much so a bar the steak frites and the cheese plate were spot on!



One of my absolute favorite’s, Tusk. It’s newly a newly opened Mediterranean restaurant, they just started doing brunch, the food was great and the design was amazing. Seriously, the color scheme that my dreams are made of. A must do.




Then, last but not least — Who knew I liked donuts but Blue Star totally knows what’s up.


All in all, I didn’t walk into a shop or sip a cocktail I didn’t like. Portland, keep it up!

Tender Loving Empire
North of West
Yo Vintage!
Hippo Hardware
Seven Sisters

Eats and Sips:
Pepe Le Moko
The Richmond
Ava Gene’s
Tasty and Alder
Angel Face
Blue Star Donuts
Stumptown Coffee